Vintage Wine in Italy

Stay at a luxury campsite in The Tuscan region of Italy and enjoy all the diverse variety of  wine that Italy has to offer during the balmy  summer months.  Read more here.


Vintage Italy: enjoy wine in late summer

Late summer in Italy is a wonderful time to go on holiday to an Italian wine region like Tuscany. August, September and October is a important period for the winemakers. The grapes are harvested and the work in the cellars can finally begin. For tourists staying during this period it is an  ideal time to visit the wineries to get an insight into the winemaking process.  

What can you do?

What makes a holiday during the grape harvest in Italy so special? In most wine regions, various festivals and events take place. A well known and popular wine region is Tuscany. The vintage wine area is called Vendemmia, visit one of the Chianti towns and experience a true wine harvest festival. Here you can enjoy all of the wines and live performances, but there are also wine cellars open to experience first hand,  and of course there are plenty of farmers who could use some extra hands if you wish to help out?! 

Experience it yourself! 

Would you like to stay in a wine region during the grape harvest season in Italy? Well you can! Check out our variety of accommodation types available in this beautiful region of Italy -  Tuscany!


Tuscany is diverse and  offers green inlands, traditional villages and a beautiful coastline to discover... 

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