French vineyard

Vintage Wine in France

Would you like to experience wine tasting in France? Book a holiday in August, September or October and enjoy a unique holiday experience. 


Discover the charm of France

The wine harvest in France is one of the most extraordinary periods in this vibrant country. After long, hard work on the land, the grapes are finally harvested during August, September and October and work in the wine cellars can begin.  Whilst on a  bike ride or walk you will see for yourself and experience this unique atmosphere found throughout  France. In short it is  the ideal time to take a  for a well deserved holiday! 

What is there to love in France? 

Enjoy the French grape harvest your way on your holiday! Have you always wanted to pick the grapes yourself? Many winemakers could use an extra pair of hands when it comes to the grape harvest , and is always a fun experience in the late summer sun.  Not to mention a good way to get to know the locals and practice your French.


In addition  there are many  organised walking and cycling trips to suit your requirements . In some vineyards they even celebrate with  festive evenings  to celebrate the grape harvest. 

Vintage France: where should you be? 

France has a vast variety of  wine regions to choose from. Selectcamp offers accommodation to suit all throughout  the wine regions of Languedoc-Roussillon and the Ardèche. Book a mobile home or a Lodgetent and enjoy everything that wine has to offer in France, at this ideal time of year!

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