We have 31 amazing campsites in Italy for you to choose from including Bella Italia, Union Lido, Pra' Delle Torri, Park Albatros and many more. Selectamp’s Italian campsites are situated in the most beautiful regions, including Tuscany, Lake Garda, the Adriatic Coast, Sardinia and more.

At Selectcamp we offer superb facilities, amazing value for money and outstanding emplacements on each of our campsites.
Italy is the ultimate place for campsite holidays for sun, sea, culture and great Mediterranean food. The majority of our Italian campsites are all about the luxury, our tents are fully equipped with kitchens and some models come with bathrooms. This luxurious way of camping ensures that you’ll enjoy an unforgettable holiday for sure. Enjoy a typical Italian campsite holiday and you won’t regret it!

Italian campsites...

Are great for families, the atmosphere is unforgettable, the locals are friendly and very welcoming with tourists. The sunny weather and seaside resorts will do all the hard work for you, just sit back and enjoy Italy.
There is always something to do around the campsites, you can go for a walk or sunbathe at the beach, don’t forget to taste the typical Italian food, the pasta, pizzas and local wine.

Your campsite surrounded with culture in Italy

Visit the culture and history in cities like Florence, Pisa, Rome and Venice, they are all easily accessible.

Practical information

Capital City

The capital city of Italy is Rome


The official language is Italian, English is also often spoken.

Time zone

 Italy's time zone is: +01:00


The official currency is the Euro.

Travel Documents

You must be in possession of a valid passport.


In Italy you can use your mobile phones, however this might come with a high cost so we advise you to check this before departure with your network provider. Please note: this also applies for your data roaming.


The number for all emergencies in Italy is 112.

Travelling by car

· The national speed limit on the motorways is set at 130 km/hour (80mph).

·  On most Italian motorways there is toll.

·  In Italy it is the law to have the following items in your the car:

-  High visibility vest. The driver must wear this in the event of an accident or breakdown.

-  Warning triangle

When you travel trough France to Italy

 From 1 July 2012 it is the law to have an alcohol tester in your car (throw away breathalyzer).

To prevent air pollution some areas in Italy are closed.  The signboard ‘Zona Trafico Limitato’ ( ZTL) shows pedestrian traffic only.

National holidays

Italian national holidays take place on:

· 25th April Liberation Day

· 1st May Labor Day

· 2nd June National Day

· 15th August Assumption day

· 1st November All Saints' Day

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