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You’ll be amazed by the many beautiful sights here. Discover the epic Colosseum, the massive St. Peter’s Basilica and the always vibrant Spanish Steps.


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At Selectcamp we have over 30 different top class Camping Holidays available in and around Italy

We have camping holidays on some of the best campsites in Tuscany, Lake Garda, Lake Iseo, Lake Maggiore, along the Adriatic Coast, close to Venice and Rome and not to mention on the stunning island of Sardinia, so take your pick now! One of our most popular countries for a summer holidays is Italy. Each year many people travel to the south of Europe to visit this beautiful country for a sunny family holiday.

Italy has it all and offers sun, mountainous scenery, excellent cuisine and wine, history and culture.. So in all Italy is a fantastic holiday destination for all!

A holiday in Italy: cities, coast and mountains

There are so many beautiful  cities of interest to visit such as: Rome, Florence, Pisa and Venice to name just a few. They all offer picturesque scenery, unique places of interest and culture and a great Italian kitchen. Italy also offers many holidays located on the coastline thanks to its location Italy is nearly totally surrounded by water! There are many coastal campsite destinations to choose from with Selectcamp.

As Italy is mountainous there are many to visit too such as the Alps, Dolomites or Apennines.....

Nature and culture

Il Cilento is a national park on the Italian coast where nature and culture are combined. Here you will find the caves where Iron ore, sulphur and fossils were found. In others you will find stalagmites (which resemble praying monks) and in the most famous cave of Italy the incoming sunlight creates beautiful aqua blue scenery. All these places of interest are well worth a visit and are highly recommended.

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