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Looking for a dream holiday destination surrounded by clear water, romantic valleys and green forests? Then you’ll surely enjoy the perfect holiday at Lake Maggiore!


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Campsite at Lake Maggiore: get ready for Island hopping

Book a camping holiday at Lake Maggiore in Italy and stay at Camping Isolino...
One of our most idyllic campsite locations offered in Italy is Lake Maggiore. It doesn’t matter which campsite you choose, we guarantee it will be one of the most beautiful and scenic areas to stay.

Island hopping

When holidaying on here it offers stunning views over one of the largest  lakes in Italy - created by a glacier during the last ice age. The Borromean Islands are a point of attraction in this stunning region. These islands are named after the Borromeo family who have been the owners of these islands since the beginning of the 17th century.

Places of interest while on holiday on Lake Maggiore

If you want to visit beautiful places of interest whilst on your camping holiday in Lake Maggiore then why not visit the castle on Isola Bella (this castle was built in Baroque style and has beautiful grounds and gardens built over 10 terraced steps). On the next island Isola Madre you can visit the botanical gardens - with its rare and beautiful flowers and plants. Also maybe a visit to the Borromeo palace from the 18th century?

If you enjoy fishing or just fresh cooked fish then we recommend a visit to the fishing island Isola dei Pescatori.

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