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Campsites Adriatic Coast

Do you love the sun and the sea? You’re sure to find rest and relaxation on the wide sandy beaches. Don’t forget to explore world-famous Florence and Venice!


The best
destinations on the Adriatic Coast

Enjoy a Campsite on the Adriatic Coast

If you decide to choose the Adriatic Coast as your camping holiday destination, then you have the difficult task of choosing one in particular as they are all brilliant and are some of Europe’s largest parks. Come and relax on the gorgeous beaches or take part in some fantastic family entertainment on site, the Adriatic Coast has something for everybody.

Cultural resorts

Rimini has beautiful beaches and offers many eateries to enjoy fine wines and food. It also offers cultural places of interest like Tempio Malastiano from the 15th century, the Arch of Augustus dated 27 BC, or the amphitheatre from the 2nd century AD. If you want to visit other beautiful areas nearby then we recommend a visit to the Gargano peninsula.

Cities and the Adriatic coast

Why not tour some beautiful cities while you are on your camping holiday on the Adriatic Coast. Bari is a beautiful seaside village where you can visit the St Nicolas Basilica. A must visit city is Venice! - in this beautiful city you can visit the San Marco Basilica and the famous San Marco Square or discover Venice from a gondola, a romantic experience not to be missed....

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