Prices & Payments


Holiday Prices 
Our holiday prices are current on our website. Printed prices are for guidance only. Our prices are current at the time of booking only. Prices may be increased or reduced without notification.

Payment of Deposit 
We require a deposit of 20% of the booking value. You will receive your invoice after payment of a deposit. Your contract is with Vacanceselect International AG and operated by Vacanceselect UK Ltd acting as agents for Vacanceselect International AG. 
There is not a contract between us until payment of deposit is received and it acts as our acceptance of the booking in accordance with the contract outlined in these booking conditions, which is subject to English Law, and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Payment of the Balance 
Your balance due date is indicated at the top of your booking confirmation invoice. 
The balance is due 12 weeks before departure. If you do not pay within this time frame you could be liable for cancellation charges of up to 100% of the final invoice because we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled by you at anytime up to the date of departure. Therefore it is very important for you to pay the balance 12 weeks before departure or write cancelling your holiday in accordance with paragraph 17.

If You Change Your Booking
If after your booking has been accepted you wish to make a change such as transfer to a different holiday, change departure, or alter any detail of the booking such as the addition of an extra person a €30 amendment fee will apply. We shall do our utmost to satisfy your requirements. Any change to details on the booking arrival date within 12 weeks of departure will incur a cancellation charge as set out in paragraph 17 below unless the new holiday departs on or before the original departure date in which case the normal amendment fee of €30 will be charged.


If You Cancel Your Holiday
Should you or any member of you party be forced to cancel your booking once it has been accepted a valid cancellation can only be made if you give written instruction by email from the lead name on the booking and from the email address the booking is registered to. The effective date for the cancellation will be the date we receive your written instructions to our office. For this reason telephone and fax cancellations cannot be accepted. If you cancel, a cancellation charge (being agreed damages to cover your estimated loss) calculated on the scale set out below becomes payable by you as the lead name on the booking. Please note you may be able to make a claim under your holiday insurance (if relevant and adequate cover has been taken out)  - please check with your insurance company. We will after cancellation supply you with a cancellation invoice by email.   

Cancellation Charges Vacanceselect International AG Expressed as a % of Total holiday price inclusive of extras.
More than 70 days 30% 
57-70 Days 50% 
1-56 Days 100%