Changing your Booking


If We Change Your Booking 
As you will appreciate holiday arrangements are planned many months in advance and on rare occasions it may be necessary to make a modification to them and we reserve the right to make such changes at any time. In the majority of cases such changes will be minor but if they are of a more substantial nature we will do our best to advise you prior to your departure. If we are forced to make major changes notified before departure to your holiday we will pay you compensation in accordance with the table below.

Such major changes being: Change of Accommodation.

If you choose to accept the changed arrangement or purchase another holiday from us we will pay you compensation on the scales shown below. If you choose not to accept the change to arrangements we will refund you all the monies paid to us. However, in no case will we pay compensation if the change is due to an event listed in paragraph classed as a 'Force Majeure'. 
Period of notification Given to you Compensation per booking as % of basic holiday cost 
(Excludes supplements and insurance premiums)

More than 56 days Nil 
43-56 Days 10% 
29-42 Days 12.5% 
15-28 Days 15% 
0-14 Days 20% 

Force Majeure
Important-Compensation arrangements do not apply to, and we reserve the right to cancel your holiday in the event of changes caused by reasons of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, natural/nuclear disasters, fire, technical problems to transport, port closures, a adverse weather conditions and similar events beyond our control.